Saturday from 8:00-Midnight

A few years back, this band used to be the staple for Water Over the Dam Days Saturday night and we are so proud to announce that they will be back again this year. It's been a while but we're excited to have them back!! They're gonna rock Water Over the Dam Days 2018!!

Capturing the sound and magic from the glory days of classic rock, Standing Hampton performs the best musical nuggets from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond, harnessing the energy and spectacle of rock at its best. Celebrating over 15 years as a group, this Des Moines based sextet (1 girl & 5 guys) deliver an entertaining and visually compelling show, unleashing a flashback of guitars, drums, and synthesizers with soaring vocal melodies. Three members share the lead vocal spotlight to a backdrop of lush harmonies. Combining superior performance skills, a modern light show, and a pro sound system, Standing Hampton captivates an audience and pulls them into the rock show experience.